Harry Occleshaw

Apprentice in the Production Test Department

About you:

I left sixth form with an AS Level in maths and physics, then attended Colchester institute to do a level 3 in Btec electronic engineering. After the first year at the institute I was able to join Pickering Interfaces under their apprenticeship scheme. Since joining Pickering I have gained a wealth of knowledge as well as progressed into a Higher National Certificate (HNC) course. I am currently in my second year of HNC and I’m looking forward to future prospects of doing a higher national diploma (HND) course or a degree level Btec qualification.

My hobbies include;

  • Music - I’m currently learning how to play electric guitar with the help of some colleges.
  • Badminton – I’m a captain for my local club based in Clacton and play in the Essex federation against other local clubs
  • Outdoor activities – I am a fan of going on airsoft days out. I like organising company outings like this as well.


Your key duties and responsibilities:

I work predominantly in the production test department, where my job is to test our products and make sure they measure within a previously set spec. recently I have been tasked with another duty which is to be the company Portable appliance tester (PAT) Tester. Duties of the PAT tester is to ensure all electrical devices are safe for use and won’t cause damage to the user or its surroundings. Soon I will be moving to a different department in order to broaden my knowledge of how the company works as a whole.  


Explain why you chose to start an apprenticeship at Pickering:

During my first year of level 3, there was an offer for a position with an engineering company offered to the whole class. When I first applied for this position it wasn’t for an apprenticeship role but as a test technician. At first, I was just interested in earning some money whilst trying to progress up the company ladder but when the apprenticeship scheme started I was offered that instead. This was a more appealing offer to me because of the chance to not only progress through the company but to obtain a higher level of education as well.


How do you balance work and study?

Being on a day-release course it’s quite possible that I could fall behind on course work. if I ever fall behind I’m able to rely on the knowledge of my colleges (some of which have been on the same courses as I have). Sometimes when work is a bit slow and I’m waiting for work to do, I’m given the chance to catch up on some collage work.


Future aspirations:

My first task is to finish my HNC and possibly progress to a higher-level course be it HND or a part-time degree level course, also I’m always open for the chance to progress within Pickering, to take on more challenges and more responsibility.