What does a Production Engineer do?

A Pickering Production Engineer looks for ways to ensure our manufacturing is done efficiently and on time, our engineers are involved in all processes from design to inception of new products and support for existing production. You would liaise with manufacturing, sales, hardware design, software design and quality departments.

The hands on and practical nature of production engineering makes for a very rewarding career.


Why is this department important?

The Production Engineering department is vital to the manufacturing process, it supports existing processes and machinery whilst contributing to future designs for both product and equipment development, ensuring quality is as high as possible.


How does this department interact with other departments?

Communication between departments is an integral part of being a Production Engineer and is carried out face to face, via telephone, email or video conferencing. Ultimately, your decisions will effect how our products are produced and whether we can deliver on time, at the right price and with the highest quality.


What tools do Production Engineers typically use?

A Pickering Production Engineering Apprentice will get the chance to use various types of machinery, e.g. Pillar drills, milling machines, lathes, welders and 3D printers. You would also use various hand tools such as soldering irons, screwdrivers and allen keys, and measuring tools such as Verniers, Microscopes, high definition cameras, X-ray machines and micrometers.

In addition to the above you will get to use CAD packages and the Microsoft Office suite comprising Word, Excel and Outlook.

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